Never too early to be thinking about Cardboard Ballâ„¢

May 5, 2015

Traditionally held at the end of September the Cardboard Ball is recognized as the trademark Mykl Wells art event. Now is the time to start getting creative! The Cardboard Ball is a fun showcase for your cardboard and recycled art, fashion and culture. Have a crazy idea that you think will fit in with the theme of the Cardboard Ball, share it! That’s how the cardboard Joust became an integral part of the Cardboard Ball. Want to make a gigantic cardboard sculpture? That’s just what Jana McConnel did when she made the eight-foot tall Moositar and Mermaid. And lets not forget the incredible out-pouring of creative effort in the form of costumes and fashion, it’s what makes the ball roll. This year we’re planning on once again having the photobooth on hand to document your creative efforts, and expanded cardboard joust and lots of incredible music so you can dance the night away.

Keep your eyes peeled for dates and location, coming soon!


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