Chimera Head Detail

Title: Chimera.

Medium: Cardboard and Resin

Date: 10/05/2008

Dimensions: 9.25’″ X 8.5′ X 6′


I built this in the fall of 2008 for Nightlights, an illuminated art event held along the river-walk in downtown Scottsdale Arizona. It was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art for the event. Though it is not the most monumental of my cardboard sculptures it was the most intricate at that time. Until I built Chimera my cardboard work had been more geometric and box-like. This sculpture was a major departure from that in that it was the first to have truly rounded flowing form. The name Chimera is in reference to the medical term meaning a blending of two or more distinct genetic groups. I was allowed to keep the piece and it often accompanies me to art openings and art events, it’s monumental size and the cardboard it is made from always seem to attract a crowd.

I think it’s fair to say that this piece has lead me to take cardboard seriously as a medium for self expression. As of the writing of this update in 2012 Chimera looks as good as it did when I first created despite having weathered monsoon downpours and being driven across the country in the back of a small pickup truck. To those that think cardboard is some sort of frail ephemeral material I think this piece is a testament to the contrary.

Chimera Front View Cardboard Sculpture Chimera Front View Also



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