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October 7, 2011

WordPress is a personal publishing system. It allows you to manage the content of your website without costly software. WordPress is blessed with an active user and developer community. It is open source software and free to use and modify.

Themes influence the look, feel and function of a WordPress website. WPFolio is a theme for WordPress. It was specifically designed for visual artists and takes full advantage of the powerful communication tools built into WordPress.

This is an introductory 2 day workshop for visual artists. We will be using WordPress and the WPFolio theme to build an online portfolio. The workshop will give an introduction to WordPress. Participants will follow along on their personal laptops as we build a basic portfolio website. This workshop is geared towards visual artists. Writers, musicians and performers are welcome to take this workshop but it will not address the special needs associated with those practices.


This workshop is limited to 10 people. Slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. There is a $20 non-refundable deposit required at the time of registration. Deposits go towards tuition. To Register send an email to register@myklwells.com. You will then receive confirmation that there is an open slot and further instructions within 48 hours.

Deadline for registration is November, 4, 2011 11PM


The Workshop is $180.00 and includes one years free web hosting ($80.00 a year there after) and WordPress with the WPFolio Theme pre-installed. Participants must provide their own domain name. Participants may use their own webhosting but I can not offer any breaks on the tuition.

Dates and Times:

November 19th and 20th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with a one hour break for lunch).


Dinnerware Artspace 109 E. Toole

Workshop Preparation:

Participants need to bring the following to the workshop.
• A Wifi enabled laptop (Mac or PC) with image editing software such as photoshop or GIMP installed.

• At least 12 digital images of your work. Images should be at least 900 pixels wide or larger.

• Have a domain name, Hosting with WordPress already installed and WPFolio in the theme folder. If you don’t know what that means or are unsure I am available to help you by appointment. Participants not taking advantage of the free webhosting package are responsible to make sure the webhost they use provides the necessary functionality (PHP 5 or higher and MySQL). I will still install WordPress on your host whether i’m hosting it or not. It’s very important that we all start on the same page.

• If you go with your own webhosting I recommend Dreamhost.I have used them for over ten years with little or no trouble.

The free webhosting included in the package is also on a Dreamhost server. I rent a server from Dreamhost and resell space on it to cover it’s operating costs. I am able to offer yearly hosting for less than Dreamhost and I manage all the technicalities for you. I will be happy to discuss this setup with you and what it includes but it is far too much too include here. Suffice it to say that the hosting is more than adequate and if you have a hosting problem you can call me, a real live person and I will take care of it.


If you are a visual artist and do not have an online portfolio,or have a website that you can not manage yourself,or are paying someone else to upload images to, or would like to move your website to a content management system –Then YES!
This workshop is a hands on workshop so if you don’t have a wifi enabled laptop there is no point taking it. Most of the work we will be doing will be online.


Not much. A basic understanding of how to work a computer and some internet skills. if you can operate a word processor you can use WordPress.
Some familiarity with what WordPress or other CMS’s are will really help. Even Better if you are familiar with WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type, Blogger, Tumblr or similar.
Familiarity with image editing software like photoshop. You should understand Terms like “DPI”, “Screen Resolution” and “Pixels”.


This is probably not the workshop for you. If you’ve taken any of my previous workshops then this is not the workshop for you. This is a starting from zero ground up introductory workshop. This is not for advance technical support or advice for people already using/familliar with WordPress. If you are not sure you can always ask me and we can determine if this is right for you. I do plan to offer more adanced workshops in the future and they will be geared to users who are ready to move on to the next stage.

Questions? Call ME!

Or dial 520 955-9019

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