Busy little bee!

January 9, 2012

I lost a month recently as I had vertigo. It was horrible, if I moved my head even slightly I’d get so dizzy that I felt like I was falling, like in a dream. I couldn’t drive or paint or do much of anything for almost five weeks. So now I’m playing catch up.

This winter has been very mild, though it’s a bit chilly this morning as I sit on the couch bundled up with the Xugar the hairless dog and sip my coffee. looks like a perfect day to spend in the studio.

I plan to mix up a pallet of greys and layout the under painting on several new panels. I have eight new paintings in the works and one old one that I love but it’s not working. I might just sand off the half that’s not coming together and re-conceive it. I hate to do it , when you consider the time you’ve already put into it, but when you get stuck sometimes it’s best to tear down and start fresh.

I’ve been developing a big cardboard sculpture project. It may or may not be happening so I don’t want to say anymore  so as not to jinx it. I’ll know more in February. Keep your fingers crossed!

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