Title: Wire and Paper Masks.


Medium: Brazed Steel wire, Paper, Polyurethane

Date: 04/9 2011-ongoing


Dimensions: varies, usually about 8″ chin to crown.



As an Ongoing project I am building these small (usually about 8″ from the top of the face to the chin) masks using my usual brazed wire technique and polyurethane coated tissue paper.

The masks are mostly amusements to me, there is no deep message about our inhumanity or society. I just make them for the fun of it.

I think hedonisim gets a bad rap. Our puritanical culture doesn’t know how to enjoy it’s self and when we indulge we do it to excess. This binge and purge approch is no way to enjoy life. People who live in less repressed societies generally do it well, enjoying what life has to offer without taking too much or having to great an expectation. All this competitive, go go go, push push push is it really making life better?

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