WordPress for Artists Workshop

April 9, 2011

Tomorrow morning I will be heading up what I hope will be a useful professional development workshop for artists. This first workshop is only being offered to those who attended the Creative Capitol Internet for Artists workshop with me last month. If this is successful I will be trying to develop it into a regular offering for local artists. WordPress is the platform on which I publish this website and which I’ve worked the most on, developing themes and web presences for other people and organizations. This workshop will focus on the WPFolio theme which was developed by Steve Lambert. Steve was also a team leader at the Creative Capitol Workshop. Though my first impression of WPFolio wasn’t great, it lacked design characteristics that I was looking for, it has since won me over as a communication tool. It really takes advantage of the tools built into the WordPress platform in ways, to be hounest, I hadn’t really understood before. If you don’t know what WordPress is, it’s an open source content management system and blogging tool that allows users who don’t code to produce and update websites. If you are having trouble using WordPress or are interested in attending a future workshop on it please contact me. Those of you who will be attending tomorrow’s workshop, I’ll see you in the morning.

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