Cat on a Hot Tin Beast

Title: Cat on a Hot Tin Beast.


Medium: Oil on Panel, Cardboard Frame.


Date: 03/10/2011


Dimensions: 7″X6″



This painting is really a tip of the hat to Charles Immer who’s paintings I adore. I can’t afford them so I just paint something in a simmilar vein and pretend I paint as well as he. I wish I understood how guys like Immer or Ryden get such perfectly smooth gradations in their work. So flawless that their paintings looked airbrushed.

Still it’s a fun, silly little painting, and I’m happy with it for what it is. The title came from Facebook, when I was finnished I asked people what they thought the name should be I got the following three, Modern Love, Frederick and Cat on a Hot Tin Beast.

I just didn’t like Modern Love, I’m old fashioned I guess. Frederick was kind of funny but I worked briefly for a lunatic named Fredericks and that left such an awful taste in my mouth I had to reject that one too. So I was left with Cat on a Hot Tin Beast. Thanks Rand!

Rand Carlson is an amazing artist and cartoonist you should go check out his stuff. This now lives in the Henderson Collection.

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