Snowdrop, winner of Cartasia 2012, cardboard, wood, waterproof coating. Lucca italy

Title: Snowdrop


Medium: Cardboard & Resin


Date: 06/01/2012


Dimensions: 18′ tall



winning project of the 2012 edition of Cartasia, Theme: Crisis and rebirth. Held in Lucca Italy. This is an approximately 18 foot tall sculpture. Made of cardboard over a light internal wood frame and sealed with a waterproof coating.

Following the theme, “Crisis and Rebirth”, I chose a perennial bulb as the metaphor, the Snowdrop, galanthus nivalis. As with many bulbs, this flower cannot bloom until it has experienced the stress of the winter. It becomes dormant during the colder season, storing energy in it’s underground body. Once the weather warms and spring arrives, the snowdrop uses this energy to bloom into an exquisite white flower. This speaks to the cyclical nature of crisis and rebirth – one cannot happen without the other. The bulb will be represented by an inverted head, with the point of view that the head is literally upside down. Springing out of this the green shoots and beautiful blossom, like a new idea. At once alive, engaged, and beautiful.

Working 16 or more hours a day for the full month,  I was inspired by the people of Lucca who opened their arms and embraced me as a brother, the community of friends whose generosity allowed me to come to Tuscany and the history and beauty of this amazing walled city.

After carefully reviewing the six works of sculpture created by the artists, the Cartasia Selection Committee ( selected Snowdrop as the winner, based on his piece’s technical proficiency, expression of the theme and aesthetic merit. (The public, which also had the opportunity to vote by paper and online ballot, was given 20% share of the total vote.)

Cartasia was the most challenging artistic endeavor of my career. I gave everything I had to create a piece that would honor the people and the place. I also have more grey hair than I used to.

You can read more about putting it all together on the recent news section of this site (

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