Cardboard Ball 2

August 19, 2013



So What am I up to you ask? Well organizing, making exciting new paintings cutting up boxes and making my poor wife crazy. Oh and I’ve got a fundraiser coming up, Cardboard Ball 2. This year it’s funding the All Souls Procession Workshops that I run, I hope. So please come on down and join in the fun. Tourists are welcome but this is a participatory art party, like much of what I do, we are trying to create a culture where creativity can flourish, where everybody gets to contribute in their own unique way.

Here’s what I can tell you about the event

The Cardboard Ball is a one night only art exhibition, grooving dance party and the premier fundraiser for the All Souls Procession Free Community Workshops.  The event features cardboard art on display, created by talented local artists and craftspeople. Ball attendees are encouraged to create cardboard outfits and wearable art. Last year, attendees were treated to some truly breathtaking cardboard costumes and installations and this year promises to be even grander.

This year’s event is on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the Steinfeld Warehouse 101 W. Sixth Street. Doors open at 7:30pm.

Tickets* are $7 in advance and $10 at the door.

All proceeds benefit the All Souls Procession Workshops.

The call to artists is on going, right up to the event.

If you are an artist and interested in creating a work made out of cardboard and other recycled/repurposed material, please consider contributing a piece.

This is not a juried event or competition.  All submissions will be shown providing there is room.

Three-dimensional work is preferred and submissions can be standing sculptures, hanging suspended sculptures, or items to be hung on the wall.

IMPORTANT: Because existing lighting is limited, it is recommended that your work include its own illumination.

You are encouraged to sell your work.  A percentage of the selling price goes to support the All Souls Procession Workshops.

etup for the artists is Friday, September 27th.

You do not need to submit work before the setup day, however space is limited, so you do need to sign up in advance to contribute work. Please contact Mykl Wells at include a way and time to contact you!

*Tickets are free for participating artists and those who wear a costume or outfit made of cardboard, however because this is a fundraiser, donations from the artists and costumed attendees are deeply appreciated because they help us cover the cost of the All Souls Procession Workshops.

I’m working on several projects for the Ball. I’m trying to set up a photobooth, for so people can self document. I plan to make these photos available online through Snap fish or similar so people can order hard copies.

We have a DJ or maybe two.

I’ve got an application for a temporary permit to sell beer and wine at the event.

I have a sound system.

A couple of food truck will be outside serving up some yummy goodness.

There will be a merchandise table for MMOS

There is a possibility that one of the local breweries will be making a special beer for the event.

We are going to also have an art raffle, tickets will be a dollar or two and you can select which piece of art you want to be in the raffle for.

We will be printing a few posters/flyers and some postcards I’m finalizing the design in the next couple of days.

Pop Cycle on 4th Ave, and Yikes toys on Broadway  will sell advanced tickets starting at the end of August.

I have an interview at the beginning of September and we are trying to get on KXCI for an on air interview right before the event.


So that should give you an idea of what we are up to.





The The Cardboard Ball and Workshop Schedule


Friday the 27th of September, Art/drop off and install. Tables set up and ready. Sound system.


Saturday the 28th, the cardboard ball, doors open at 7:00


Sunday, 29th, Clean up and prep for workshops the following weekend. Artists may pick up their work if they wish.




All Souls Procession Free Community Workshops run Saturday and Sunday 11AM-5PM each day. Thru October, 5th & 6th, 12th & 13th,19th & 20th, and the 26th & 27th. With special Cart Clinics announced during the course of the workshop. These will be held midweek evenings.



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