Seeking help and support to realize a large scale project.

October 21, 2011

Shadow Play

In 2008 Michael Carroll, Don Spaulding and I developed a shadow theater for GLOW.  Michael was the brains of this adventure, I only provided a sculptural element and some advice. Don made many of the Mechanical elements. The end result was truly breathtaking. I have spent the last three years developing a more robust version of this that I would like to take to Burning Man and other night time festivals around the U.S. There is a lot that goes into an animatronic show like this. Controllers, DMX lighting, Power supply, Steel, Stepper and Servo motors, Speakers and wire. I estimate that this project will cost in the neighborhood of $5000. Since I don’t have the complete parts list I don’t know exactly. I could use some support in the form of Technical Assistance, materials and funding. If you are interested in getting involved in a project like this, please contact me.

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