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March 29, 2011

My old website was fraught with problems and I was tired of banging my head against the CSS browser compatibility wall. Sure it looked good on my computer but it went to pieces on any other platform and every other browser. I’d fix one thing to find I’d broken something else. I was at the end of my rope, then I took the Creative Capitol Internet For Artists Workshop. There I was introduced to the WP Folio Theme. It’s a WordPress theme developed specifically for artists online portfolios.

When I built my site four years ago the WP Folio theme existed but it was in it’s infancy. I failed to see some of the innate WordPress features it took advantage of. I was confused as to why anyone would want to use the post function to add art work to their site. It seemed like an awful way to manage a portfolio. I chose to use the NextGEN gallery Plugin along with pages to arrange and manage my portfolio. It worked great. I had no complaints about the functionality of my site. Setting up galleries adding pages and using the post function to deliver news and announcements all worked well and I was very happy with it. What I didn’t understand was that Posts produce an RSS Feed and Pages don’t. By putting the portfolio construction part into the post functionality of the site you push out an RSS feed every time you add a piece and that is something you can use in social Networking sites like Facebook (you can subscribe an RSS feed to a Facebook Page). In terms of publishing your work and spreading the word that’s a huge difference.

Now that I’m using this theme I’m a convert. Though it ends up looking like a typical wordpress theme, in terms of functionality it’s head and shoulders above my old system. If you are considering setting up a wordpress site to manage your portfolio and presence online then I would strongly encourage you to go with the WP FOLIO theme. Somebody else has done the work for you.

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