Foundry & Casting Workshop

Foundry and Sand Casting Workshop


Sunday March 22nd 11AM-3PM, Building the foundry.

Sunday March 29th 11AM-3PM, Using the foundry and casting.

Location will either be at my studio near Campbell and Grant, if only a small number of participants sign up. Otherwise it will probably be at a downtown location TBA. I will email participants the address. It is subject to change.

Last day to sign up is March 20th. Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Once ten people have signed up the registration will be closed.

Registration for the workshop is now closed.

March 22nd
We will be making a simple charcoal foundry.
All materials will be provided with the exception of a hair drier or similar blower and a crucible.
Hair driers can be picked up cheaply at just about any thrift store or yard sale.
YOU DO NOT NEED a hair drier to make your foundry.
We will discuss making a crucible and where you can purchase one if you wish. I will have examples.
YOU DO NOT NEED A CRUCIBLE to participate or build your foundry.
It’s messy work dress accordingly.
Please buy a pair of yellow rubber (or similar) gloves, the kind used for dish washing. You will need to bring them to both workshops.
I will provide dust masks.

Everyone who participates will take home a foundry.

March 29th
We will demonstrate making sand casting medium, using the foundry and casting.

We will be using extreme heat, molten metal and materials that are caustic and release toxic fumes!

We will take precautions but think safety! Long hair? Tie it back wear a hat or bandana. Safety glasses, welding gloves and respirators if you have them bring them. Bring your yellow rubber gloves. The casting medium we will be using involves portland cement which is caustic and will cause chemical burns if left in contact with bare skin. I will provide dust masks. Wear non-synthetic clothing and leather/canvas closed toe shoes. We are going to be careful and we are going to take our time.

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